Why Westendorf? Two Young Skiers Report

Two guests in our shop report back on their best mountain experiences. February 2023

Writes Radley Age 12 yrs 10 mths.

Fantastic foods

If you are looking to come to Austria, it is not just the slopes that are fantastic, it is the food as well. When you come to Westendorf you can enjoy a wide variety of wonderful traditional foods from Wiener Schnitzel to curry wurst, two of, in my opinion, the most delicious meals I have ever had.

Snow conditions

During the snow season the weather conditions are pretty much perfect for boarders and skiers. It is hot and sunny with perfect powdery snow so don’t forget to pack sun cream.


One big part of skiing in Austria is the après-ski or after ski. This is what you do after a long day of skiing. There are lots of activities to do in these bars but the main one is called Nageln or nails. The aim of this game is to hit a nail into a block of wood with a thin side of a hammer-head. It doesn’t sound very exciting at first but one of the best things is the satisfaction when you hit the nails. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea then there are always the regular games like darts or snooker.


Although I am a good skier I have decided to try snowboarding. If you are a skier I would suggest trying snowboarding especially in Westendorf as the snow conditions are excellent for beginners. When you are first learning to snowboard you fall over quite a bit but if you are learning in powder the falls almost become comfortable.

This picture was taken at the top of the baby slope at around 17.30h.

Sport Ruetz Westendorf, Tirol

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By Neve Age 11 years 2 months

Among the many places to go on a winter holiday, I chose the mountains of Tirol because of the many good experiences I encountered in the past.

The Restaurants on the mountain

Every restaurant is unique, for example, the Brechornhaus has grillhendeln ( chicken ) but no other restaurants have it at lunchtime! Although many restaurants have something in common on the menu. It’s always busy at lunchtimes, with everyone racing to get a seat in the sun and piling up the entrance with ski’s and snowboards. Eating traditional foods like Kaiserschmarren (scrambled pancakes with raisins and apple sauce, Spaghetti bolognaise, goulash soup (a spicy soup with veggies and meat ), Tiroler Gröstle ( potato, onion and meat chunks with an egg on top ), and last but not least Wienerschnitzel mit Pommes ( a slice of pork in breadcrumbs with chips on the side ).

The Runs

On the prepared ski slopes. To get to places you have to do some runs first and blue runs are the easiest with less steep runs which make it easy to glide down with no problems. With red runs, they are more challenging to beginner skiers and snowboarders and you need to have more experience to get down them with ease. Black runs are the hardest with more ice and are the steepest of the runs. Even professional skiers and snowboarders struggle a bit with them.

Après-ski Bars

Après-ski Bars welcome young people accompanied by grown-ups.
The most well known Après-ski bar is the Bruckstall in Westendorf for its Tee shirts for downing a Ski of shots. A famous game in Austria is „Nageln“ when you have a huge chunk of wood, a hammer and some long nails. Another good family bar is the Kibo opposite Sport Ruetz where you can have fun playing games and hot and cold soft drinks.


Even though it’s in winter, the weather is still sunny.