Westendorf Almabtrieb 21st September 2019

The crowning glory of a beautiful summer in Westendorf is the traditional return of the cattle to the village from the high, mountain pastures.
The „Almabtrieb“ takes place on Saturday 21st September 2019 from 10:00h. There has already been a sprinkling of snow on the peaks above 2000 metres (6562 ft) but the weather forecast for „Altweibersommertage“ (Indian summer days) looks set to add extra enjoyment to the autumnal homecoming of the cattle along with their new calves born up the mountains during the summer.

This annual tradition is an important regional celebration that goes right to the heart of the Tirolean traditional way of life. Farmers and their wives will spend hours preparing adornments of flowers and colourful hadmade decorations ready to festoon the cattle along with each animal’s individual cow-bell. The sight and sounds of this ancient festival draw visitors to Westendorf from many countries. „The tradition goes back many centuries“ says Silvia Holaus, owner of the popular hotel and restaurant „Reiterstüberl“ in the Bichlinger Straße. „When a farming family has suffered a bereavement whilst the cattle have been away for the summer months, their herd will be decked out in black, out of respect.“

The festival also provides cullinary delights at the „Hoamfahrerfestl“ organised by farming families and clubs including the young farmers in the meadow next to the Klausnerhof.

Reiterstüberl Restaurant…


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